Leaving them to their own devices? Children, screen-time, teaching and parenting.

So much has happened with technology over the last few years – endless options for cheap, fast devices, coupled with amazing cloud based Apps to tackle some of our most long standing and seemingly intractable challenges, at home, in the workplace and at school. Many of us enjoy super fast internet connections, WiFi that actually […]

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From Tools to Workflow to Habits

  With the huge number of schools that continue to move to Google, there are many instant wins, or “low hanging fruit”. However, beyond this, further positive outcomes for school leaders, administrators, teachers and students often seem out of reach, usually for one significant reason. An ongoing attachment to low expectations coupled with outdated and […]

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Great Google habits for busy teachers

One of the things I love about my job is to see teachers embrace new ways of working that save them time and also create better outcomes for their students. G-Suite Apps underpin this transformation and as teachers become more confident in using these Apps (and other Apps), their ability and willingness to collaborate and […]

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