Martin taught teachers how best to use their tools, so that they were effective for teaching and learning in the classroom.

Suzanne Mariassouce, Principal, Tokoroa Intermediate School

As a trained teacher, Martin’s ability to relate to the profession is exemplary. He has an acute awareness of classroom practice and the pedagogy that is best aligned with the context he delivers in – that of highly successful development with ICT in a school setting.

Murray McDonald, Principal, Aberdeen School

Martin is continuously making links for all staff. He has a great sense of humour which has shown us exactly how we have been behaving with technology and how the new training will be beneficial for us as teachers and also for our classroom programmes.

Sharon Quinn DP Tauwhare School

Martin has a high standard of professionalism and understanding of what and where the school is headed. He is always prepared and willing to help out anyone with any technical problems.

Josh Kemp, Aberdeen School

I do not have time or desire to banter and the focus Martin brought to dialogue, regarding my own strategies was appreciated. Martin also spent considerable time and effort ensuring my ICT Team were at a level he believed necessary

Murray McDonald Principal, Aberdeen School

Every session has been tailored to our school with an endpoint in mind. After each session I have had the opportunity to evaluate how the day went and also where to next. He also sets an expectation of where staff will be by the next session so we can continue to keep moving forward.

Sharon Quinn DP Tauwhare School

Martin was very easy to communicate with in terms of organising different PLD sessions and running strategic meetings. He was very professional. Martin was very capable and willing when it came to solving challenges.

Julie Netzler, DP, Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Martin has continued to challenge and question staff members. He makes all strategies around technology purposeful and meaningful. He has professional discussions with staff about the use of technology.

Josh Kemp, Aberdeen School

For our more confident teachers, Martin’s repartee was at appropriate level and as he is highly competent in ICT matters, as well as in the delivery of new or extended learning. My technologically adept teachers were challenged and supported through new concepts.

Murray McDonald Principal, Aberdeen School

Martin engages with staff of all levels of competency. He was also able to extend the knowledge and pedagogical implications of our more experienced staff.

Pat Poland, Principal Deanwell School
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