Martin was very easy to communicate with in terms of organising different PLD sessions and running strategic meetings. He was very professional. Martin was very capable and willing when it came to solving challenges.

Julie Netzler, DP, Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Martin had a clear plan of action, which addressed all areas of the staff in the school. Focus for leadership, admin through to classroom teachers and if we had time would have been able to present to teacher aides.

Suzanne Mariassouce, Principal, Tokoroa Intermediate School

Martin’s advice takes the form of enlightenment around what we have always done and what we could be doing. His advice is always related to a teacher’s work and the classroom programme and as he has come from a teaching background, he knows what he is talking about and can relate easily to teachers.

Sharon Quinn DP Tauwhare School

Martin has worked alongside all staff on a needs basis and he has made them feel comfortable with the new technology and software. He has also displayed the expectation that everyone will be on board with the direction of the school.

Sharon Quinn, DP, Tauwhare School

He unlocked the staff and their thinking.

Suzanne MariassoucePrincipalTokoroa Intermediate School

The staff were overwhelmingly positive about Martin’s delivery and knowledge. Every staff member I spoke to were really pleased with what they had learned, and they have continued on with the practice when he had left.

Suzanne MariassoucePrincipalTokoroa Intermediate School

I actually got more that what I had anticipated with all staff excited about their own learning.

Suzanne MariassoucePrincipalTokoroa Intermediate School

Martin has responded positively to all our staff, whatever their IT capacity and moved us all along the digital landscape.

Mark PenmanPrincipalHamilton West School

Martin has visited the school on a number of occasions and we have developed a great working relationship with him. He knows us and how to meet our needs. We like his humour and positive approach.

Mark PenmanPrincipalHamilton West School

Our staff have nothing but praise for Martin’s easy manner with staff and his acceptance of different levels of confidence and understanding. Everyone has been happy to move forward, to ask questions and to share their experiences because everyone’s responses are valued and acted upon.

Sharon QuinnDPTauwhare School