Just a Teacher?

To be a teacher in 2016 is to have one of the most challenging, exciting and essential careers possible. What other job shapes and creates the future of our generation but also future generations? What other job can have such a profound influence on how we, as a species, deal with so many of the challenges that face planet earth at this time? It seems that teaching is not the only career to have been disrupted by the relatively recent arrival  of technology. However, within education, the ability to use technology effectively and creatively is both the means and the end to learning.

IMG_0196 (1)

Critical thinking must be one of the most desperately needed traits, right now. If we, as teachers, are unable to demonstrate and model this to our learners, how will they ever develop their full potential to think and create themselves?

Take a look at this great Youtube clip from Taylor Mali, if ever you need reminding why you joined this fabulous profession!


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