Great Google habits for busy teachers

One of the things I love about my job is to see teachers embrace new ways of working that save them time and also create better outcomes for their students. G-Suite Apps underpin this transformation and as teachers become more confident in using these Apps (and other Apps), their ability and willingness to collaborate and share with others is enhanced. This sounds like a winning formula – however it does depend on one key thing – consistency! If only some teachers are using G Suite Apps effectively, while others are using strategies and software that are as outdated as they are ineffective, the effectiveness of the organisation suffers, as does the quality of outcomes for students. How can we possibly realise our high expectations if we are not using vocabulary, strategies, Apps and software that are highly effective and used consistently throughout our schools? With this in mind, I have created a quick Google Slide that includes a few Do’s and Dont’s for people to ponder. Just Click Here to take a look at it!


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